Room Control RADIO is a battery-operated wireless room thermostat that connects to the S. Control allow to control the parameters and operating modes of the controller maintaining the set temperature.
Room Control Radio


  • Full two-way radio communication;
  • Quality improvement of regulator control;
  • Signalizations: alarms, fuel level, burner cleaning and support for regulator operating modes;
  • Energy saving;
  • Battery saving mode and battery discharge indicator;
  • Parental lock;
  • Provides configuration of the regulator menu from any room;
  • Maintains the preset room temperature;
  • Downloading information from the regulator about the level of fuel in the tank, boiler alarm states, burner operation and the need to clean the burner and the value of the outside temperature;
  • Turns On and Off boiler and ensures synchronization of the clock with the regulator.
Room Control Radio Touch


Room Control RADIO TOUCH is a burner wireless remote control panel with room thermostat function and with electric power. One of its advantages is the possibility for the comfortable operation of burner`s functions from the living room.


  • It functions as a wireless remote control of a burner;
  • Works with the ISM radio transmission module;
  • Provides thermal comfort in rooms thanks to two-way ISM radio communication with controllers;
  • Enables reading and editing of all parameters of regulators and heating and ventilation circuits;
  • Controls the mixing circuits in the weather and automatically corrects the heating curve in order to heat up the circulation;
  • Offers simultaneous device software update via microSDHC card or microUSB OTG (optional) socket for cooperation with external memory;
  • Control of the regulator via WiFi using the mobile application.


Room Control ensures remote control from a room and it serves as a room thermostat. With the use of advanced digital communication, the controller is very useful in everyday life as it measures the indoor and outdoor temperatures and the fuel level in the tank. Colour touch screen and modern design make Room Control TOUCH the cutting edge equipment available in the market.
Room Control Touch


  • Thermostat;
  • Controlling the temperature in an easy and effective way;
  • Setting up a temperature schedule (day and night);
  • Regulating and previewing boiler functions;
  • Selecting different working modes;
  • Sending alarm signals;
  • Displaying fuel level.
  • Adapted to the controller type (operates with R.Control and S.Control controllers);
  • Large clear display;
  • Comfortable, simple and intuitive use of the controller using the colour touch screen;
  • Backlit high-contrast screen;
  • Fuel level measurement.

Controller S.Control

Lambda Control

B and C modules

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