How to select a pellet burner?

To select a burner used for heating the buildings, the following should be taken into consideration:

Building condition
  • building area,
  • room height,
  • building thermal insulation type,
  • installation condition,
  • number and quality of heaters.
Automatically adjusted power

The advanced PellasX burners are controlled by the controller matching power. Depending on the operation mode, the burner power can be matched to the needs automatically – it has also an influence on savings. When heat requirements vary significantly during the day, the controller can control the burner operation, changing power or simply switching it off until the rooms get cold.

Average conversion factor

The burners are selected according to the heat requirements of a building, and not to the boiler. With average values concerning a building condition, installers assume that the burner with power of 10 kW is required for each 100 square meters. For example: to heat a house with an area of 180 m2, it is enough to use Revo Mini or X Mini burners with power 5-26 kW, and to heat a hall with an area of 1000 m2 – Revo 100 or X 100 burners with power 30-100 kW. If the boiler power is between two model power ranges, it is recommended to select the one with higher power. Selection of the burner series depends on the individual user’s preferences concerning the burner operation and cleaning, energy efficient feature, fuel selection and expenditure level. Please note that the method of selecting a burner presented here is the reference method – it is recommended to be calculated by a person having suitable qualifications (installer, designer).

Characteristics of burners


REVO series

The Revo burners are available in power range from 5 to 120 kW. They are the most advanced burners with the rotary combustion chamber and Hybrid Drive. In addition, they ensure perfect combustion of worse quality pellet and maintenance-free operation. The Revo burners won the Gold Medal at the Poznań International Trade Fair of Installations INSTALACJE 2014.

M series

M-line burners are a perfect combination of the System of Fuel Mixing inside the combustion chamber, available also in X- and Hybrid lines, with the Movable Furnace System. Such a combination makes it possible to extend the maintenance-free period for the burner and burn low-quality pellets and some types of agricultural pellets. M Mini and M Mini 35 burner models were awarded INSTALACJE 2018 (Installations 2018) Golden Medal at the Poznań International Fair.

HYBRID series

The burners with power range from 5 to 35 kW. Energy efficient pellet burners using the Fuel Mixing System and Hybrid Drive. This is our recent burner series created especially for the users looking for economic and aesthetic solutions.

X series

The burners with power range from 5 to 500 kW. Popular, reliable and inexpensive pellet burners available in the widest power range, based on the Fuel Mixing System. Perfectly suited to boiler rooms in detached houses, housing estate heating plant or industrial applications.

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