Service conditions

Servicing and all warranty repairs should be performed by the specialised company that installed and started the appliance or the service company indicated by it, having the authorisation of the manufacturer, i.e. Pellas X Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

In special cases, e.g. winding-up of the specialised company or loss of its authorisation, the manufacturer ensures servicing by other service company indicated by it.

Please provide name, contact data and describe a problem in the request form. We will send the return confirmation of the request registration and its number to the provided e-mail address. Our serviceman will contact you as soon as possible.

Warranty conditions

Warranty conditions

1. The burner must be installed only by persons having the manufacturer’s authorisation.

Installer is obliged to deliver copies of protocols – the first starting-up and inspections protocols (basic and extended ones), by mail or by e-mail. The protocol should be sent not later than 10 weeks after the date of its writing.

2. According to the schedule the user shall order periodic inspections with the specialized company.

Scope of the required operations to check the burner performance during the inspection is included in the warranty book. Unless the agreement concluded between the user and specialised company provides otherwise, the inspections are paid.



Scope of activities by a basic exploitation inspection:
  • control over settings of automatics
  • control over protecting devices (STB, boiler and burner temperature settings)
  • flame sensor control and cleaning
  • control over condition of a valve with a counterweight (if equipped)
  • fumes and chimney draft analysis
  • recording service counters status
  • blowing nozzles and burner’s furnace cleaning
  • attaching mechanism check and furnace check
  • lambda probe calibration (if equipped)
Additionally, during extended exploitation inspection:
  • relays check
  • burner tightness check
  • electrical connections status check
  • igniter status check

The manufacturer shall not be responsible for incorrectly performed burner installation by the installer or installation company.

The detailed warranty conditions are described in the warranty book provided with the burners when they are sold.


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