Research and development

These are the areas that are the foundation of our brand. Thanks to the constant pursuit of expanding analytical and research capabilities, we are constantly improving the combustion technology. Over the years of its activity, PellasX has helped to convert thousands of heating facilities, replacing their heat sources with ecological and convenient to use. We have optimized heating processes in various industries, housing and technical construction, in production and processing processes. We have lowered the bills for thermal energy in hundreds of production and agricultural enterprises, schools and public buildings. Determination in constant striving to achieve better results and such a diverse range of recipients of our technologies made us feel proud of what our mission is and how we implement it. In the era of global energy transformation, we direct our eyes towards small thermal energy for the industry based on natural renewable raw materials such as biomass. We do not close ourselves to new challenges such as straw, wood chips, agricultural waste. We want to actively participate in the energy management of biomass in Europe, proving that we can do it effectively and without risk to the environment.

A modern test laboratory has been operating in PellasX since 2020, where we can test solid fuel burners as well as complete boilers equipped with this type of heat source. Thanks to the measurement capabilities and extensive experience, we are able to quickly optimize the operation of boilers, increasing their efficiency, reducing the level of gas and dust emissions. After short series of measurements, we are able to propose technical solutions along with a prototype implementation based on our machine park, thanks to which introducing changes and improving the device's performance is extremely fast and efficient.

We do not spare our partners knowledge, we guarantee an individual approach to each of them and our experience helps to develop their products.

Ecological and cheap heat is our specialty.


Thanks to cooperation with such units as Opole University of Technology, Poznań University of Technology, Ostrava University of Technology or numerous research and certification institutes in Poland and abroad, we have gained a number of competences that we use as part of substantive and technical support for our clients. The fruits of this cooperation are numerous series of types of boilers with PellasX burners certified as class 5 EN 303-5:2021 and Eco Design.

We provide support in energy and emission studies in the field of:
- Full verification for compliance with EN 303-5:2021
- Emission tests
- Energy research
- Security Tests
- Non-invasive modifications of the boiler and its equipment with the preparation of documentation
- Fuel analysis
- Analysis of ashes
- We prepare boilers for certification:

We carry out preparatory tests and certify boilers under the supervision of an accredited body in our research center in Piła.

To be able to obtain the highest analytical capabilities, we have built a special research chamber, thanks to which we can not only collect numerous measurement data, but also observe the furnace in real time. Thanks to these skills, we are able to select the parameters of the burner operation very precisely. An advanced regulator with a constantly refined program, in which we have sewn very advanced regulation methods, allows us to adjust the parameters of the burner in almost all conditions. Our experienced technicians equipped with specialized measuring equipment are able to configure the burner at the customer's facility, ensuring optimized fuel consumption and operation in the range covering the heat demand.