As a standard the hoppers are available in four sizes: 300, 600 and 1200 litres. The fourth option is to attach a top structure to be placed on the smallest container to increase its capacity to 450 litres.


The PellasX hoppers are made of galvanised steel. They are provided with the adjustable output to enable the adjustment of the feeder inclination and matching the existing space. They are designed for storage of pellets, oats and pits. The hoppers are equipped with the top lid. Two separating partitions enable the hopper to be cleaned of sawdust. High material durability, load resistance, construction tightness, high slip in the discharge and easy cleaning are the advantages of the hoppers made of steel. It is especially important for pellets stored in damp rooms. Steel construction protects against sparks, which enables the hopper to be placed next to the boiler.

Foldable and mobile

The hopper is foldable and comfortable in transport. The hoppers are narrow enough to be moved to the storage room or boiler room even through the standard doorways. Infeed from the top and feeder from the bottom make it possible to gradually extend the hopper as your needs grow.

Features of the hoppers:

  • Galvanised steel;
  • Hopper with lid;
  • Strong feet;
  • Reinforced profile;
  • Separating partitions;
  • Easy to keep clean;
  • Easy and fast installation/removal;
  • Adapted to the Pellas X feeder;
  • Flexible pipe;
  • Adjustable output – adjustment of the feeder inclination.

Hopper dimensions:

    Capacity 300 l
    Dimensions: 62,5 × 62,5 × 143 cm

    Extension 150 l
    Dimensions: 62,5 x 62,5 x 39,5 cm

    Capacity 600 l
    Dimensions: 84,5 × 84,5 × 161,5 cm

    Capacity 1200 l
    Dimensions: 113 x 113 x 183,5 cm


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