We focus on innovation

The mission of our company is to promote renewable energy sources by the strategy of continuous biomass combustion technology development – continuous improvement of the already implemented solutions and work on next innovative products. We want to maintain the highest level of the customer service and present our business partners with a comprehensive offer backed by competitive product prices. Therefore, in the production of our burners we use the most advances technologies and continuously modernize stock of machines.

Technologies applied in burners

InCroX® – new generation material

InCroX® material of the future for PellasX burners is chromium cast steel based on cast iron and heat-resistant cast steel.

Available in burners Revo Mirco 16, Revo Mini 26 and M-line 70, 100, 130, 350, 500 kW.

Overpressure Combustion System

System to supply air directly into the combustion chamber to improve the combustion efficiency and safety.

Available in burners from the lines Revo, M, Hybrid, X.


Combustion Chamber Fuel Mixing System

System supporting removal of ash from the fire place and improving the combustion process.

Available in burners from the lines M, Hybrid, X.


Walking Grate System

System of mobile, multi-row fire place for self-cleaning of the fire place from ash and sinters.

Available in M 500 burners.


Air Vane System

System of directional, precise air supply into the furnace chamber.

Available in REVO line burners.


Thermal Insulation of the Burner from the Boiler

Insulation reducing temperature during the burner’s operation.

Available in burners from the lines Revo, M, Hybrid.


Firewall with counterweight

Special barrier to close the inlet fuel hole and prevent fire from entering the fuel tank at the same time.

Available in burners from the lines Revo, X.


Fibonacci Spiral

Vents in the rear panel play for optimization of air supply into the combustion chamber.

Available in burners from the lines Revo, M, Hybrid.