Controllers S.CONTROL

S.Control Mk2 and S.Control Mk2 Touch are modern devices intended to manage and control pellet combustion operations in the boilers and the burners. The controllers employ the proprietary software based on unique algorithms.

Controller S.Control Mk2 Touch
Controller S.Control Mk2


The controllers feature an intuitive and simple operation. The available text and graphical menu allows quick configuration of the most extended heating system.

The operation of the equipment can be configured by using the room controller or via the Internet applications available for your PC or mobile devices thanks to the Net Control module.


  • Alarm and error history;
  • Reading of flame brightness;
  • Fuel quantity in the hopper;
  • Current fuel consumption;
  • Current burner power;
  • Clock with calendar;
  • Alarm sound signalling;
  • Info key for quick help.
  • For mixing valves with temperature sensors;
  • Domestic hot water circulation pump;
  • Lambda Control – Net Control;
  • Main hopper feeder with fuel sensor;
  • Buffer circuit charging pump with temperature sensors.
  • Safety temperature limiter;
  • Room thermostat;
  • Boiler thermostat (Gas/Oil);
  • Flue gas temperature sensor;
  • Central heating pump;
  • Outdoor temperature sensor;
  • Domestic hot water pump with temperature sensor;
  • Mixing valve with temperature sensor;
  • Pressure sensor for flue gas fan monitoring.

Room Control – thermostats

Net Control

Lambda Control

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