Times have changed and so have burners!

Pellet heating is becoming more and more popular solution, meeting the needs of individual customers and companies appreciating comfort of use and intending to reduce heating costs and CO₂ emission. The PellasX pellet burners are the appliances for pellet and biomass burning. They can be installed in all boiler types: oil, steam, solid fuel and also in some gas boilers. As pellet heating is found attractive, the burners are installed everywhere: in detached houses, multi-family houses, heating plants, schools, hotels, industrial and utility buildings, farms and also in bakery ovens.

For demanding customers

The burners have been designed with the use of the most advanced technologies on the market with a view of high combustion efficiency and management comfort of the entire system operation. They stand out on the market with safety, efficiency, reliability and wide acceptance among customers and manufacturers of biomass boilers. The set consists of the burner, galvanized feeder and controller that controls the system operation. Additionally, the system can be extended with the pellet hopper (available in four sizes), wireless room thermostats and modules for remote management of the boiler operation through the Internet or phone.

Simple installation

The large advantage of the burners is the possibility of their installation in all boiler types, which enables comfortable and inexpensive boiler room modernization and fast return on investment. Moreover, in most cases the installation does not require special permits for boiler modernization.


In designing of our appliances we pay special attention to safety. It is ensured by the following solutions:

  • Firewall with counterweight and high pressure combustion system – no risk of backfire;
  • Hybrid drive system – 100% pellet injection into the combustion chamber when power supply is cut off;
  • Safety temperature limiter STB cuts off power supply of the external feeders (stops fuel supply) when the boiler overheating occurs;
  • New X.Plug equipped with the explosion-proof certified sockets and pins;
  • Polyurethane pipe connecting the burner and feeder is melted when backfire occurs and fuel is not fed to the burner – fuel is thrown outside the hazardous area.

Green energy

No sulphur, chlorine or mercury is released during pellet combustion process. Amount of CO₂ emitted into the atmosphere is equal to carbon dioxide amount absorbed by plants in photosynthesis process during their growth. Owing to that, pellets are the most environmentally friendly fuel. Moreover, all PellasX burners meet the requirements of class 5 flue gas emission according to PN-EN 15270:2008.

Valuable comfort

Unlike other heating sources such as fuel oil or electricity, pellets are much cheaper solution. The pellet combustion process in boilers with the PellasX burners is fully automatic and activities connected with operation are limited to minimum. When compared to coal and wood, pellets are more comfortable in storage, distribution and keeping a boiler room clean.