X Models
X 150
50 – 150 kW
X 44
10 – 44 kW
X 500
120 – 500 kW
X 350
100 – 350 kW
X 260
80 – 260 kW
X 190
65 – 190 kW
X 120
40 – 120 kW
X 70
15 – 70 kW
x mini rysunek
X Mini 35
8 – 35 kW
X Mini
5 – 26 kW
X 44
od 10 do 44 kW

X line

Robust and reliable burners equipped with the
combustion chamber fuel mixing technology.
palniki na pellet linia x
X line is the longest-developed series of equipment produced by PellasX. X-line burners stand out for their durability and reliability. They employ a Fuel Mixing System in the Combustion Chamber and an Overpressure Combustion System supported by Quick Ignition System. They effectively burn fuel in the form of wood pellets, fruit stones or oat.


A two-stage fuel supply system.

A two-stage fuel supply system: an external feeder introduces pellets into the burner and an internal feeder doses biomass in appropriate quantity into the combustion chamber. The internal feeder plays also the role of a fuel mixer. Optimization of combustion process makes it possible to burn pellets with high ash content. Fuel mixing feature translates into extension of maintenance-free operation of the burner.


Prevents the flame`s return.

System to supply air directly into the combustion chamber to improve the combustion efficiency and safety. Air enhances flame swirling and the use of Venturi tube reduces the risk of flashback.


System for fast ignition of pellets. It is a combination of metal igniters (durability) and ceramic ones (short ignition time). It results in significant reduction of power consumption.

System for quick installation/removal of igniter to allow easy installation and facilitate the replacement and burner maintenance. No additional tools required.

Ceramic insert of the combustion chamber to reduce the burner temperature during biomass combustion.

Available in X 190, X 260, X 350, X 500.

Clips to allow quick installation and removal of the burner furnace. They facilitate maintenance as the burner does not need to be detached from the boiler. All you need to do is to remove the clips and the burner can be removed from the mounting flange. The flange remains inside the boiler.

Available in X 44 , X 70, X 100, X 120, X 150.



Firewall with counterweight

Special barrier to close the inlet fuel hole and prevent fire from entering the fuel tank at the same time.

Available in models up to 35 kW.

Polyurethane feeder connector

Connector made of polyurethane including fuel feeding. It will melt in case of flashback to prevent fuel from entering the burner; fuel will be ejected outside the danger area.

STB sensor

Turns off power of the external feeder (by cutting off fuel supply) in case of boiler overheating.



Air/Fuel ratio map – a system of burner factory parameters mapped (hardcoded) into the programme, which supervise the burner operation with no need for any additional changes to be introduced by the installer/user.


Hybrid-line pellet burners

Economical burners equipped with a fuel mixing system and a hybrid drive.

M-line pellet burners

Burner with a movable furnace system to burn low-quality pellets.

Revo-line pellet burners

The advanced rotary combustion chamber technology, controlled by hybrid drive system.