Intended for the transportation of pellet of 6-8 mm grain size, oat seeds or fruit stones.

LENGHTS OF FEEDERS     m   m    made to the size

The feeder is an integral part of the set and is designed for operation with PellasX appliances. Its aim is to transport 6-8 mm diameter pellets, oats and pits. The auger, extending the entire length of the feeder, transports fuel from the hopper and then cyclically feeds fuel to the PellasX burner according to the controller settings. Thanks to the modular feeder construction the possibilities of the boiler and fuel feeder arrangement in the room can be extended. It solves a problem of modernized boiler rooms, where a boiler must be matched to the room.


  • Made of galvanised steel – very resistant to corrosion and durable;
  • Energy saving – power consumption is only 25 W;
  • Comfortable to transport, the feeder is composed of two or three parts which makes it easy to fold for transportation purposes;
  • Operation angle from 0° to 60°;
  • Standard length is 2 or 3 metres depending on the burner type. It is possible to extend the feeder on request to adapt it to the length of a specific boiler room or a pellet hopper up to 4 or 5 metres.

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