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Burner with a self-cleaning rotary combustion chamber made of high-chromium alloy InCroX® with heat-resistant and incandescent resistant properties. It ensure effective combustion of low quality pellets.

POWER RANGE:     5 – 26 kW

Rotary furnace technology ensures the combustion efficiency of 99% and automatic ash removal. The blower shell design significantly facilitates the servicing of the burner and the igniter installation method which makes the technical inspection a trifle. Proprietary X.Plug design of the plug and the socket improves the safety of operation.
Combustion chamber made in casting technology of high-chromium InCroX® alloy with heat-resistant and incandescent resistant properties. The use of cast iron-based material significantly increased the life of the burner and increased the resistance to high temperature.


  • Rotary Combustion Chamber System
  • Expansion Pipe System
  • Air Vane System
  • Hybrid Drive System
  • Overpressure Combustion System
  • X.Plug System
  • X.Shell System
  • X.Gnite System
  • Safety Systems
  • Fast Lock Igniter System

Manufacturer: PellasX
Revo Mini
Output: 5 – 26 kW
Power supply: 230 V AC / 50 Hz
Average power consumption: 50 W
Weight: 15 kg
Feeder length: 2 m
Combustion efficiency: up to 99%

Output adjustment: YES
Lambda Control: YES (optional)
Central heating pump operation: YES
Domestic hot water pump operation: YES
Room Control: YES (option)
Weather automatic control: YES (option)
Net Control: YES (option)

The set includes:

  • Revo Mini 26kW pellet burner
  • S.Control controller
  • 2 m long galvanised feeder

Prizes and awards for Revo Mini burner 26kW

Wybór Konsumentów 2016 („Consumers’ Choice”) Gold Medal for Revo Mini
POL-ECO-SYSTEM 2015 Gold Medal for Revo Mini
INSTALACJE 2014 (Installations 2014) Golden Medal at the Poznań International Fair
Winner of 6th and 7th edition of GreenEvo - Technology Accelerator
Polish Promotional Emblem „Teraz Polska” („Poland Now”) in the 26th Edition of the Competition for Revo-line

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