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The burner with a multi-stage, movable grate is the quintessence of the best technologies and materials used in the brand's constructions so far. As a result of the combination of proven and reliable mechanisms used in low-power burners with super-durable materials used in industrial burners, a construction with extremely high working culture and compact dimensions was created. Intended for combustion of inferior quality pellets.

POWER RANGE:    20 – 70 kW

The M 70kW burner is equipped with a multi-stage movable grate. It consists of segmented plates made of the InCroX® alloy developed in PellasX. The construction of the grate allows for smooth cleaning during the operation of the burner. Thanks to the progressive movement of the grate plates, it is possible to smoothly and effectively remove ash and slag even from highly sintered fuels.


The movable, multi-stage grate consists of modular heat-resistant plates made of InCroX®. This prevents cracking and increases the service life of the torch. Combustion of low-quality pellets has never been accompanied by self-cleaning at such a high level.


In the M 70kW burner, we use the most modern solutions available in the world of drives, which include synchronous motors. They are characterized by low energy consumption, high torque and very good work culture. Thanks to the special design of the grate bed and the method of transmission of the drive, the entire grate works noiselessly both in the burning mode and in the main cleaning mode..


We used ceramic materials that had their technological debut in high-power burners where they worked under constant and high thermal load. We took an uncompromising approach to the quality control process, production technology and materials used, using heat-resistant concrete reinforced with polypropylene fibers and dispersed reinforcement made of heat-resistant wire. The modular design of the ceramics ensures easy replacement, and after disassembly gives full access to the entire hearth, facilitating service work.


In the M 70kW burner, we have used a proprietary hybrid drive system. Thanks to it, we can precisely dose the fuel into the combustion chamber, maintaining its proper ratio to the amount of supplied air. The combination of the fan with the drive of the internal feeder is also energy saving and an additional safety system based on a Hall sensor.


The fuel inlet to the burner is protected by a barrier with a counterbalance, which closes the fuel inlet opening. In the event of uncontrolled ignition of the fuel in the internal feeder, it cuts off the possibility of fire entering the feeder pipe.


Proprietary combination of safety plug and socket with the electrical system in the burner.


Easy to replace, durable and fast 300W igniter.

  • Multi-Stage Grate System
  • Mesh Furnace System
  • InCroX®
  • Hybrid Drive System
  • Fuel Inlet Firewall System
  • Fireproof Ceramics
  • Overpressure Combustion System
  • Fuel mixing System
  • Adjustable Secondary Air System
  • X.Gnite System
  • X.Board System
  • X.Shell System

Manufacturer: PellasX
M 7okW
Output: 20 – 70kW
Power supply: 230 V AC / 50 Hz
Max. power consumption: 350 W
Weight: 33 kg
Feeder length: 2 m
Combustion efficiency: up to 99%

Output adjustment: YES
Lambda Control: YES (optional)
Central heating pump operation: YES
Domestic hot water pump operation: YES
Room Control: YES (optional)
Weather automatic control: YES (optional)
Net Control: YES (optional)

The set includes:

  • M 70kW pellet burner
  • S.Control mk2 controller
  • 2 m long galvanised feeder

Hybrid-line pellet burners

Economical burners equipped with a fuel mixing system and a hybrid drive.

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Revo-line pellet burners

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