Hybrid Models
Hybrid line


Pellet burner which combines a Hybrid Drive System and the technology of Fuel Mixing inside the Combustion Chamber.

POWER RANGE:     5 – 26 kW

Automatic ignition thanks to the new, steel igniter is another modernization intended to improve the economy of the pellet burner operation. The burner servicing is significantly facilitated by the design of the blower shell and the igniter installation method. This makes the technical inspection a trifle.


  • Hybrid Drive System
  • Overpressure Combustion System
  • Combustion Chamber Fuel Mixing System
  • Fast Lock Igniter System
  • X.Plug System
  • X.Shell System
  • X.Gnite System
  • Safety Systems

Manufacturer: PellasX
Hybrid Mini
Output: 5 – 26 kW
Power supply: 230 V AC / 50 Hz
Average power consumption: 50 W
Weight: 15 kg
Feeder length: 2 m
Combustion efficiency: up to 99%

Output adjustment: YES
Lambda Control: YES (optional)
Central heating pump operation: YES
Domestic hot water pump operation: YES
Room Control: YES (option)
Weather automatic control: YES (option)
Net Control: YES (option)

The set includes:

  • Hybrid Mini pellet burner
  • S.Control controller
  • 2 m long galvanised feeder

Prizes and awards for Hybrid Mini burner

INSTALACJE 2016 (Installations 2016) Golden Medal at the Poznań International Fair

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