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M-line industrial burners-M 350 kW, M 500 kW

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Burner lines
Rotary combustion chamber technology, controlled by hybrid drive system.
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They are innovative products on the worldwide market. Their breakthrough nature involves highly advanced rotary combustion chamber technology, controlled by the Hybrid Drive. In addition to high combustion efficiency up to 99%, a unique solution of the rotary burner ensures permanent automatic removal of ash left after combustion.
Burner with a movable furnace to burn low-quality pellets.
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M-line burners are the perfect combination of Fuel Mixing System in combustion chamber and Walking Grate System. Their common work gives extended maintenance-free of burner and enables burning of low quality pellet.
Combination of the hybrid drive system and combustion chamber fuel mixing technology.
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Synergy of the X technology features (combustion chamber fuel mixing system and high pressure combustion system) and the selected functions of the REVO technology (Hybrid Drive System) resulted in better operating costs. The Hall Effect Sensor controls the balanced air volume and monitors fuel flow, which influences on flue gas emission reduction and improves combustion parameters.
Robust and reliable burners in the widest power range.
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This is the longest developed burner series produced by PellasX. Robustness and reliability in the widest power range (5 – 500 kW) are its distinguishing features. The appliances are based on technologies: Combustion Chamber Fuel Mixing System and Overpressure Combustion System, supported by fast Firing Up System.




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5   emission
class according to
PN-EN 15270:2008

up to   99%
combustion efficiency

over   30000
PellasX devices work in
40 countries around the world

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About us

Pellet burners are our specialty!

Leader in the production of burners

PellasX is the brand under which we have been manufacturing the biomass burners since 2001. They are the highest quality and the most technologically advanced burners available on the market. The offer includes the burners with heating power ranging from 4 to 500 kW in four technological lines – REVO, M, HYBRID and X.

Ecological and energy efficient heating

The fuel in the PellasX burner is biomass such as: pellets, agri-pellets, oats or pits. They are fuels with low carbon dioxide emissions and thus environmentally friendly. Owing to the PellasX burner installation in a boiler, heating costs incurred are considerably lower when compared to oil.

Automatic operation of PellasX burner

The control system allows for fully automatic operation of the burner starting from the automatic ignition through continuous adjustment of the operation of the burner and the external equipment to the shutdown and supervision of the boiler operation and the restart.

For whom are the pellet burners?

The Pellas X pellet burners can be installed in every oil, gas or solid fuel boiler. They are used both in detached houses, multi-family houses (small housing co-operatives), bakeries, hotels, public utility buildings, schools and production halls or warehouses.

What burner should I choose for my boiler?

Usually, the burner should be selected so as to correspond to the boiler power; however, if it is oversized, the burner size should not be lower than one size below the boiler power. A too small burner will use most of the energy (and fuel) to heat the large heating unit. We can also use a burner which is one size larger than required. In such a case you should remember that the excess power will not be accepted by the boiler since the boiler power is the ultimate parameter that determines our thermal comfort.

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Our specialists will tailor the burner power to your needs. You can also contact distributors of PellasX burners in the world