InCroX® high-chromium alloy – new burner`s generation material

InCroX® high-chromium alloy - new burner's generation material

InCroX® material of the future for PellasX burners is based on a group of high-chromium alloys with heat-resistant and incandescent resistant properties.

InCroX® is a high-chromium alloy with a chromium content from 24% to 32%, which in the form of a compound with carbon and silicon has excellent corrosion resistance, including high temperature corrosion.

The burner combustion chamber made of InCroX® withstands high temperature loads much longer than heat-resistant steel, mainly due to its casting in the mold.

1.4841 heat-resistant steel has an average chromium content of 25% and nickel 20%. It is mainly corrosion resistant due to chrome.



InCroX® high-chromium alloy  is characterized by a chromium content of 25%, while nickel is only 4-5%, silicon 1.5%, and manganese and moblibdenum 1% (molybdenum increases resistance to pitting corrosion, nickel improves its plasticity).


The processing of heat-resistant steel, i.e. welding and bending, changes its structure and creates corrosion centers. The casting of the body made of  InCroX® high-chromium heat-resistant and incandescent-resistant alloy is not subjected to any additional plastic works or welding, which affects its resistance to thermal overloads and to its lifespan.


The photos below were taken after a four-hour cycle of alternating annealing of furnaces at 1100 ˚C and cooling.


Burners with InCroX® material

At the moment, the elements of combustion chambers and grates using InCroX® high-chromium alloy have burners:

Revo line:

M line:

Soon they will be joined by: