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PellasX Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.
Strefowa 5
64-920 Piła
NIP: 764-266-44-90
REGON: 302426857

Dear Partners and Distributors,

Due to the global situation and the state of the epidemic in Poland, in order to make the best adaptation to governmental recommendations and restrictions and also dynamic changes  of supply chains conditions, we are making the following changes in the organization of our work:

Until further noticeproduction, warehouse, logistics department and office works 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday.

Our service hotline works unchanged, please send reports of defects via e-mail directly to support@pellasx.eu

Orders sent to email adress orders@pellasx.eu  will be recorded on an ongoing basis.

Due to the above changes, the realization of the orders, those already registered and new once, will unfortunately be delayed. which we will keep you informed.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience and thank you for the understanding that we all need at the current time.

Holidays break.

We are oblique to inform, that this year the holiday break in PellasX will take place from 13.07.2020 to 24.07.2020.

The break will only apply to the final burners assembling line. Warehouse will be open, so spare parts and equipment shipping  will be available without troubles.


Phone numbers

Head Office – Customer Service

Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm
tel.: +48 67 213 80 40
e-mail: info-pl@pellasx.eu

Service Helpline

Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm
tel.: +48 67 349 27 14
e-mail: serwis@pellasx.eu

Export sales

Jacek Paluch

Export Sales Director

+48 531 356 666


Commercial agents

Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Turkey

Stavros Tsotoglou

+30 231 078 4664


Germany, Austria

Achim Böhmer

+49 (0)8584 9887972


Sweden, Norway

Jan-Egil Hemfjäll

+46 702 884 702


Sales and distribution

In order to ensure the highest quality of services, the PellasX burners are sold through the network of partner companies. Contact our business partner assigned to your region who will support you to select a proper burner for pellet and will indicate the nearest authorized PellasX fitter.

Distributors in Poland

Foreign distributors

Manufacturers of boilers with PellasX burners.

Do you have a question? Choose a topic or write to us

My igniter is burnt - what to do?

Order a new one at a repair shop. Fortunately, a burnt igniter will not make you wait for a new one in a cold house as you can always fire the burner using e.g. a fire starter squares to be put on the pellets when a fire starter icon appears on the controller display. To avoid the necessity to restart the burner in the same way, it is advisable to set the controller to a supervision mode while waiting for the new fire starter.

My burner temperature sensor is burnt - what to do?

The burner temperature sensor is responsible for the safety of our boiler. Once it is burnt, the controller will stop the operation of the burner until the sensor is replaced with a new one. Contact the repair shop to order a new one.

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